Starting a Container Garden

When your traditional gardening area is an issue, you can always resort to container gardening; as are a lot of people. Container gardening requires a lot less tending than a conventional garden does; which will enable you to pursue other endeavors. Container gardening can be a rewarding experience; below we will offer some valuable ideas on how to make this happen for you.

Consider Type of Soil

Soil quality is one of the most overlooked components of growing a garden, especially if you are a novice and have not had a garden before. The first step you should take is finding prepared soil of high quality before planting anything in your container garden. You should go to the local garden supply store or nursery and they will have a potting mix that you can add to your container garden to start things off. Depending upon the garden that you were going to grow (whether it is flowers, herbs, etc.), you will want to get a specific potting mix for that type of crop. If you’re not sure, inquire at the nursery about which soil and fertilizer is recommended for your type of garden.

Remember the Climate

You will certainly have a less complicated time when it comes to container gardening, than a normal outdoor garden, but it will be necessary to treat the plants you are growing to the climate they require. You would be best rewarded by opting for plants that are indigenous or adaptable to your area. If you’re growing desert plants such as cacti, excessive humidity or low temperatures could be a problem. If you decide to plant tropical type plants you will have the extra duties of keeping them hydrated and supplying the additional water they require. You may consider putting plants that have comparable growing needs in the same containers.

Plant What Suits You

Whether you plant a vegetable garden, or a flower garden, in your container garden, it is totally up to you based upon what you enjoy. Some people may plant a container garden so that they have beautiful flowers to look at which can be grown and placed anywhere to their liking. Always keep a close eye on the color of the plants in that they should match the exterior or interior locations that you will place them in. Depending upon the color of the plants that you grow, they can have positive or negative effects on the mood of those that are near the plants themselves. People that observe yellow or orange plants typically become more empowered and those that see peach or pink may feel calm and melancholy. If you’re just growing some herbs for your kitchen this may not matter to you, but some people are sensitive to color and will want to consider this factor.

There are a lot of people wanting to cultivate their own gardens, with their own veggies and herbs; this means that container gardening will be more prevalent than ever. Not everyone has a large yard in which to plant a garden, nor time to deal with the responsibility. While a container garden does take some effort and attention, it’s a lot simpler to maintain than an ordinary garden.