Green Living Will Start Together With Some Very Simple Changes In Your Home



All of us no that our world is being polluted every single day and many people have started living eco-friendly lives. It doesn’t have to mean going to a commune and sewing your own cloths and growing your own food. Needless to say when that is your option I have no trouble with that. Living a greener life can actually start with little things that you can change around your home. Here we are going to be talking about some of these types of things that can be done at home so as to make a difference.

Reducing your energy consumption is one of the best ways your can help reduce your impact on the environment.

Changing your light bulbs will be the first thing you can do to help to get started on conserving electricity. The majority of you may now be using the energy star rated florescent bulbs. And while that is an excellent option compared to traditional light bulbs there are now a lot more efficient light bulbs that can be used. These types of new light bulbs are now LED bulbs, and can end up conserving lots of electricity as well as saving you cash at the same time. You may have previously seen them but made the decision not to get them because they are higher priced, but you will end up paying for the light bulb along with your electric savings.

Another thing you may want to do is to update the actual appliances within your home. You must understand that if your appliances are generally older units than they’re using a lot more electricity when compared with the newer models available today. The amount of savings in electric you can get by just upgrading your appliances to energy star appliances can end up being 50% or more. Not to mention with new appliances your home will appear a great deal nicer at the same time.

While we are speaking about your appliances we are also speaking about your TV. The amount of energy you can save by upgrading to a LED Television set can actually be massive, dependent upon what type of TV you have now. These kinds of LED TV’s are also very reasonably priced so you shouldn’t get an excessive amount of resistance out of your spouse. This is a win, win scenario, because not only will you be getting a brand new TV but you will also be saving on your electric bill.

Use energy efficient light bulbs to cut your electricity bill.

Another thing you can do during the warm months instead of turning on the air conditioner is to purchase a couple of fans. Air conditioning units use plenty of electricity and if it is between 70 and 80 degrees in your house, do you absolutely need the air conditioner on? By using a fan in the room your in you can end up saving a lot of energy instead of having the air conditioner running.

Another great way to save energy and directly reduce your carbon footprint is to plant trees around your property. Contact a local certified arborist and they will be able to assist you with correctly choosing and planting the correct trees that will thrive and your area. These trees will grow to provide shade that will significantly reduce your cooling expense and electricity use and will convert carbon dioxide back into oxygen.

Trees provide shade that will reduce your electricity consumption.

These are merely a few techniques you can use to help to preserve electricity. But by just following the suggestions above you’ll be able to start going green right in your own house. It’s also wise to remember that every little thing you can do to help conserve electrical energy will help you to live a greener life. Another thing that some people have started doing is to use solar energy to help to power their homes.