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Flooring in Raleigh

Are you looking to upgrade your current flooring? We know that your carpet may be looking a bit dingy or stained, or your hardwood may be fading, but a fresh, new floor isn’t hard to obtain! With Burch Brothers Flooring, finding new floors for your Raleigh home is simple and quick! You’ll have tons of options for direct replacement or upgrades, with the guidance and expertise of an experienced flooring company! Get started now by checking out these great flooring ideas!

Carpet Flooring


Carpet is a very popular flooring option! It is also one of the most affordable options for your living spaces and bedrooms. You’ll love the plush texture of a brand new carpet! You’ll have tons of options to select from, whether that be a specific color or texture! You’ll get the exact carpet you’re currently envisioning in your beautiful home!

Carpet does require cleaning. You must vacuum regularly in order to get lint, pet hair, crumbs and more. If carpet gets stained, it may require a steam cleaner or even a professional cleaner! However, the pros still outweigh the cons when it comes to carpet, and it is a favorite choice by many homeowners.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is always a good choice! Purchase and installation of hardwood flooring can run at a higher cost, but you will love the results. It adds value to your home and can easily be covered by a rug if you would like to design your room around one. Homes with hardwood flooring always look very nice, especially in larger rooms! We also love recycled wood flooring, which makes use of pre-used wood for a new project. How cool is that? You’ll love what recycled hardwood can do to enhance to look of your home.

You will want to maintain your flooring with care over time. Routine maintenance in polishing and cleaning will help you get a very long life out of your hardwood floors! You can even do this yourself and enjoy a fresh and clean shine every time!

Raleigh Home Flooring

It’s time to make the call! Upgrade your old, worn out flooring today! Burch Brothers Flooring will make sure you have the options and prompt installation you need when making this investment! You’ll love your new floors thanks to hardwood floors Raleigh!