Bathtub Refinishing Durham

Bathtub Refinishing in North Carolina

If you haven’t upgraded your bathroom in the last decade, you definitely need to. If you see signs of wear and tear on your bathtub, or you bathtub is just out of style, consider bathtub refinishing. It is much cheaper than replacing your tub. Why spend more money if you do not need to? It is probably time to update your tub. You should take a look at these great bathroom ideas!

Professional vs DIY Bathtub repair

It is the honest truth that you shouldn’t try to repair or refinish your own tub with cheap DIY kits. Professionals can use the proper materials and chemicals that you won’t be able to purchase off of a shelf at a home improvement store. Reglazing materials are extremely toxic while being used and must be used with extreme care by trained professionals in the bathtub refinishing business. Ask for prior experience when selecting a specialist. It is important to choose a skilled for your bathtub refinishing!

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Resurfacing A Bathtub

In the beginning of the process, your professional bathtub refinisher will first remove the old glaze off of the tub. Professionals will use a powerful hydrofluoric acid to do this work, and they then rinse and sand the bathtub to find a great rough surface to do the task properly. A trained expert in resurfacing will also immediately make any necessary repairs to the tub before moving forward in the project. A professional will definitely need to take care of this stressful, messy job! It isn’t a fun one to clean up after!

Bath Resurfacing in Durham, NC

Add tons of value to your home quickly by updating your bathrooms! No more ugly tub to try to hide! You can show off your flashy new tub to guests as much as you want. Did you know refinishing can also add over 10 years of life to your tub? It is definitely worth the money! Bathtub refinishing Durham will do a great job updating your bathtubs!