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Different Ways Of Heating Your Home With The Sun

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What a lot of people do in order to get heat is simply press a button or turn a dial, which is handy, but not necessarily the most effective way. Solar energy, which is not tough to install, is a cost effective method of heating schools and businesses, and also homes. The onset of winter does not always mean no solar power – many ways exist to harvest the energy of the sun even then. What you require is something like a sun room which attracts the rays of the sun and draws in the heat.

Floor to ceiling glass panels are used to create a sun room, which is normally attached to the house. To be able to get the whole effect of the heat, these rooms are usually positioned so they are facing the morning sun. The sun rays get into the room unimpeded by the glass and heat up everything within it. The heat isn’t going to escape through the glass, and stays inside. The heating is quite efficient so long as the room is made properly, and of course it is absolutely natural.

There are other forms of solar heating systems, one of which is thermal mass, which draws heat and then keeps it. It does this as the sun is out, holding in the heat and then dispersing it after the sun goes down. The trombe wall, which uses channels of air to contain the heat, is one more natural solar system used for heating and also ventilation. The heat will become trapped between the thermal mass which is facing the sun and a glass object. The wall radiates the heat, which is circulated through vents after being stored inside this wall. A different one that also uses a wall facing the sun is a transpired collector, which heats up the air with the absorbed sunlight, as it goes into the ventilation system.

solar energy

Solar is not only for warming, you also get solar cooling systems for ventilating buildings. It comes with a solar powered steam engine, which is linked to a cooling device, and it takes the heat that is absorbed, transforming it into ice. One other solar powered ventilation system is the solar chimney, which is made from a hollowed out thermal mass. The air within the chimney is heated, and it is dispersed properly as the warm air rises. As you can see there are several ways that businesses and houses can be heated. These are but a few of the various methods by which the sun’s energy, in conjunction with natural materials, can be utilized to provide heat. Only renewable resources are employed and the heating is totally natural. You may have to hire a tree service  to remove some trees to get the most out of your solar system and create the optimum exposure. To keep things green, be sure to plant trees in a more suitable location to replace those you had removed.

If you’re searching for ways to heat up your residence without utilizing non-renewable resources, then many of these examples might be of interest to you. The sun powers each of them. You will get the best use from these systems if your home is located in a consistently sunny location. Everyone needs a source of energy for heating their home.

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Top Five Reasons To Use Bamboo Flooring

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Bamboo is a unique alternative as a flooring option. Both beautiful and durable, bamboo floors can add beauty to any area of your home and can withstand the wear and tear of daily life.

Here are my top five reasons to choose bamboo flooring for your home:

1. Aesthetic Beauty

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is actually a grass not a wood product. Because of this difference, bamboo has a different look than your typical hardwood floors. Color can be determined by the manufacturing process (length of time carbonized) and your typical order of bamboo flooring will be rather uniform in color and easy to match when installing. Also, staining is now possible for bamboo floors resulting in over thirty different styles and colors being available. With this many choices, you’re sure to find something to perfectly fit your style.

2. Durability

Bamboo is not only beautiful, it is also quite durable. Bamboo has received hardness (strength) ratings higher than many hardwoods. In addition to its hardness rating, bamboo is also resilient. This means it “bounces back” after most impacts and doesn’t dent. This resiliency is also better for your feet and back since the floor will tend to “give” slightly and not be so hard to walk on everyday.

bamboo flooring
Bamboo is durable, easy to clean, moisture resistant, sustainable and for all these reasons a great choice for flooring.

3. Moisture Resistance

Bamboo is also a naturally water resistant material. In addition to its natural resistance, part of the manufacturing process includes lamination which increases its resistance to warping. Because of this moisture resistance, bamboo flooring can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms where hardwood and laminate floors shouldn’t be used.

4. The Environmental Benefits

Bamboo is a sustainable material. This means it can easily and quickly be re-grown in a reasonably short time. Bamboo is typically harvested every four to five years without actually destroying the plant. Also, because of its resiliency, bamboo doesn’t have to be refinished as often as hardwood. This cuts down on the chemicals necessary to maintain the floor.

5. Easy Cleaning

Bamboo floors, like most hard flooring materials, are easier to clean than carpet. No vacuum required, just a dust mop to keep things nice and clean. And, unlike tile, there is no grout to worry about keeping clean.


Bamboo is a great addition to any home. It is an eco-friendly, easy to find at local retailers, and easy to maintain flooring material that can match any style you choose for your home.


Green Living Will Start Together With Some Very Simple Changes In Your Home

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All of us no that our world is being polluted every single day and many people have started living eco-friendly lives. It doesn’t have to mean going to a commune and sewing your own cloths and growing your own food. Needless to say when that is your option I have no trouble with that. Living a greener life can actually start with little things that you can change around your home. Here we are going to be talking about some of these types of things that can be done at home so as to make a difference.

Reducing your energy consumption is one of the best ways your can help reduce your impact on the environment.

Changing your light bulbs will be the first thing you can do to help to get started on conserving electricity. The majority of you may now be using the energy star rated florescent bulbs. And while that is an excellent option compared to traditional light bulbs there are now a lot more efficient light bulbs that can be used. These types of new light bulbs are now LED bulbs, and can end up conserving lots of electricity as well as saving you cash at the same time. You may have previously seen them but made the decision not to get them because they are higher priced, but you will end up paying for the light bulb along with your electric savings.

Another thing you may want to do is to update the actual appliances within your home. You must understand that if your appliances are generally older units than they’re using a lot more electricity when compared with the newer models available today. The amount of savings in electric you can get by just upgrading your appliances to energy star appliances can end up being 50% or more. Not to mention with new appliances your home will appear a great deal nicer at the same time.

While we are speaking about your appliances we are also speaking about your TV. The amount of energy you can save by upgrading to a LED Television set can actually be massive, dependent upon what type of TV you have now. These kinds of LED TV’s are also very reasonably priced so you shouldn’t get an excessive amount of resistance out of your spouse. This is a win, win scenario, because not only will you be getting a brand new TV but you will also be saving on your electric bill.

Use energy efficient light bulbs to cut your electricity bill.

Another thing you can do during the warm months instead of turning on the air conditioner is to purchase a couple of fans. Air conditioning units use plenty of electricity and if it is between 70 and 80 degrees in your house, do you absolutely need the air conditioner on? By using a fan in the room your in you can end up saving a lot of energy instead of having the air conditioner running.

Another great way to save energy and directly reduce your carbon footprint is to plant trees around your property. Contact a local certified arborist and they will be able to assist you with correctly choosing and planting the correct trees that will thrive and your area. These trees will grow to provide shade that will significantly reduce your cooling expense and electricity use and will convert carbon dioxide back into oxygen.

Trees provide shade that will reduce your electricity consumption.

These are merely a few techniques you can use to help to preserve electricity. But by just following the suggestions above you’ll be able to start going green right in your own house. It’s also wise to remember that every little thing you can do to help conserve electrical energy will help you to live a greener life. Another thing that some people have started doing is to use solar energy to help to power their homes.