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Wood Fence Maintenance Best Practices

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In addition to general care, wood fence maintenance needs to stay on your radar for a proper looking fence. That’s very possible and much easier than you may think.

If you do not perform these activities, then your fence will age a lot quicker and will become noticeable. Today, this article will address wood fence maintenance and how to go about doing it the right way.

Staining a Fence

Unless you have a lot of experience with home improvement projects, you will want to ensure that you have learned about how to stain a fence. First, you want to avoid uneven application of the stain or even paint if you want to paint it. If you like, you can call up a contractor or visit one and ask more about this or other things you can do such as painting the fence. Avoid staining your fence on a humid day unless the manufacturer says the stain will be all right in these conditions. You may not think that it matters to read the instructions for using the stain, and this is a common mistake since many people think applying stain is just like painting.

Nails and Connecting Elements

What kind of nails and connecting elements do you prefer? Most just go with the metal connectors but it is something to think about. Consider the fact that dowels will be stained right over, and nails too but the stain can flake off of them. Dissimilar materials such as nails and wood will begin to pose some problems eventually. After about a year, this may become more prominent, but your occasional inspection will identify these trends. The nails will begin to rust out, and the nail holes will become too large for the nail and the whole thing looks unsightly.

Proper Cleaning Materials

You want to catch mold undergrowth when it is very new so you can immediately take proper measures to be rid of it. Bleach used as a cleaner will strip the stain or other protective coatings you may have on the fence. The regular garden hose water pressure really will not be quite enough to do a good job of cleaning your fence. Simply get your hose out and try it out and see if there is any difference between treated wood and dirty wood.

There are varied approaches with wood fence maintenance, so that needs to be remembered. How you feel about staining will determine the direction in which you go. It is not necessary to use techniques that are more than what is needed for the condition.

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Outdoor Lighting Essentials

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If you don’t have the appropriate lighting outside your home, it can appear dull but with the right lighting, it can look dazzling. An effort should be made to know what type of lights would do well for your house and garden. With excellent lighting, you can have a nice evening walk through your gorgeous garden. Though it may not seem possible to attain, you may truly have the right outdoor lighting in your home.

Security Lights

You need to have excellent lighting throughout the winter months since the days are shorter. The lighting effects can transform the living space outside your house, so that with the right planning you can even entertain guests. Exterior lights has a number of different categories. Security lighting will be the first and must only be used for areas that can vulnerable to break-ins. These kinds of lights are normally activated by motion sensors and may be very bright. The next type or class is task lighting which is used for paths and stairs as well as for areas for grilling. These light fixtures shouldn’t be too bright, and they should be kept between your eyes and whatever must be lit up. If the lights are too bright, you could be blinded instead of guided by the lights.

Showcase Lighting

Accent lighting is for showcasing a feature that is unusual to give it a dramatic effect. A light that points upward on a figurine for shadow effect is a very popular example. It can be very calming to have lights that generate a silhouette effect. Moonlighting or even starlight is for creating enchanting lighting that can imitate either moonlight or starlight. To produce moonlighting you simply put outdoor lights in some trees, and point them downward. In order for the starlight effect, place lights in branches and include various flickering candles. There is nothing like having the look and feel of the natural world in you very own backyard.

You must be sure you do not overdo the lighting no matter what you have put together. It truly is better to have less than more when you undertake your outdoor lighting. If light fixtures are not necessary, don’t use them and it is fine to use low-wattage bulbs. Don’t have lighting fixtures aimed upwards. Lots of people make the blunder of making a runway effect with lights going straight up and down a path. Yellow lighting fixtures needs to be avoided because it does not make the plants look very good. Blue-white lights are really a better choice or you can work with daylight-blue filters.

It’s adviseable to have the lights setup for them to be easily accessible. As soon as your outdoor lighting is all set up, it is then time to get outside the house after dark and enjoy it.

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Making Your House An Earth-Friendly Place

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You can save some money while converting your house into an environment-friendly house, and it’s more painless than ever. All people share the obligation to clean up our environment by eliminating waste and pollution. There are a lot of ways that this can be attained around our individual homes, and it is something that each of us must begin doing. Lots of people’s income is wasted by having homes that are very inefficient.


Virtually all homes are badly insulated, since the regulatory standards were only raised not a while ago. Thus, the place to start is by improving the insulation in your place, starting with the loft, but the side walls also when possible, and then replace any inefficient windows. As energy costs climb, it will take less time to replace the additional cost of upgrading your house.


Water Consumption

Paradoxically, people drink insufficient water but consume a lot of water in numerous ways too. Merely changing our privies to the water-saver type will stop a considerable amount of water being flushed down the sewer. In almost all homes except the newly built ones, one flush of the toilet uses up three and a half gallons of water, whereas the latest models use only one and quarter gallons. You could bring down your water bill substantially by doing just this one thing to make your home more environmentally friendly. Typical light bulbs are extremely inefficient and are responsible for a lot of energy wastage in nearly all homes.

Energy Score

Compact fluorescent lights last ten times as long while using only 5% of the energy that ordinary bulbs do. The extra upfront cost of the compact fluorescent bulbs is dwarfed by the long term savings, so don’t hesitate to make your house eco-friendly in this fashion. Since their efficiency is even higher, you could think about perhaps switching to LED lights. If your house’s insulation is sub-standard, it will leak heat during winter and let the heat in in the summer, which means you will gain throughout the year by improving this aspect of your house. Your house can not be made properly green by improving merely the insulation, you must install more efficient doors and windows too.

Another area where energy could be saved is the heating up of water for washing the clothes and dishwashing. The effectiveness of modern powder detergents now allows cold water to be used for washing the laundry. Most of the energy used by your washing machine is coming from heating the water, so if you want to save the most energy, use cold water to do your washing. This is another hassle-free way to make your home green. And, contrary to what most people think, a dishwasher uses a lot less water compared to when you wash the dishes by hand. After you’re done reading these hints, there’s no excuse for anyone not living a greener life.