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Facts About Green Paints

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Harmful Effects of Paint

Solvents from common paints are entering the environment and I am sure we would all wish this could be avoided. What they release are chemical substances referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and these wind up in the the Earth’s atmosphere. This could result to numerous ill effects; for example, it can lead to ozone depletion, it can add to the problem of smog and likewise the big one; it can add towards global warming. This prompts us look for new types of paint to use as we get to know about these risks. During the nineties, when we saw the first eco friendly paints, they didn’t take off.

Environment-Friendly Paints

Because the public are now becoming aware of the environmental problems, will eco friendly paints become more sought after? Those with expertise in painting need to be won over. The paint pros continue on saying paints that don’t have the volatile organic compounds aren’t as good as paints that contain them, even if the manufacturers are stating the opposite. These professionals also maintain that these environmentally safe paints also require numerous coats to get the same finish as regular paints, and that they don’t have long life. Consumers are shifting to environmentally safe paints to avoid health related conditions such as headaches and asthma so the paint producers need to serious consider this.

Latex paint that is water based may be an answer to this concern. They are thought to be environmentally safe and being water based contain no VCOs. The water based nature of latex paint means that painting on iron is a concern because of rusting. Latex paints, despite their issues, are becoming popular.

Paint Contents

In order for us to view a paint as eco friendly, we need to know its contents and how it was made. There are many paints that have Titanium Dioxide which can conceal other paints because it is very white in color. Sulfuric acid is a by-product in the creation of Titanium Dioxide. This acid, together with the chemicals that were dissolved in it, was released into the sea, which of course is not great for the environment.

Smog can be the result of the reaction between the Titanium Dioxide and the sun when used externally. The reality that carcinogens can cause cancer is a serious concern due to a link with Titanium Dioxide. Titanium Dioxide is still found in paints even though all of this evidence.

People are beginning to buy eco friendly paints now that they are finding out more about the health and environmental implications of typical paints.

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Starting a Container Garden

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When your traditional gardening area is an issue, you can always resort to container gardening; as are a lot of people. Container gardening requires a lot less tending than a conventional garden does; which will enable you to pursue other endeavors. Container gardening can be a rewarding experience; below we will offer some valuable ideas on how to make this happen for you.

Consider Type of Soil

Soil quality is one of the most overlooked components of growing a garden, especially if you are a novice and have not had a garden before. The first step you should take is finding prepared soil of high quality before planting anything in your container garden. You should go to the local garden supply store or nursery and they will have a potting mix that you can add to your container garden to start things off. Depending upon the garden that you were going to grow (whether it is flowers, herbs, etc.), you will want to get a specific potting mix for that type of crop. If you’re not sure, inquire at the nursery about which soil and fertilizer is recommended for your type of garden.

Remember the Climate

You will certainly have a less complicated time when it comes to container gardening, than a normal outdoor garden, but it will be necessary to treat the plants you are growing to the climate they require. You would be best rewarded by opting for plants that are indigenous or adaptable to your area. If you’re growing desert plants such as cacti, excessive humidity or low temperatures could be a problem. If you decide to plant tropical type plants you will have the extra duties of keeping them hydrated and supplying the additional water they require. You may consider putting plants that have comparable growing needs in the same containers.

Plant What Suits You

Whether you plant a vegetable garden, or a flower garden, in your container garden, it is totally up to you based upon what you enjoy. Some people may plant a container garden so that they have beautiful flowers to look at which can be grown and placed anywhere to their liking. Always keep a close eye on the color of the plants in that they should match the exterior or interior locations that you will place them in. Depending upon the color of the plants that you grow, they can have positive or negative effects on the mood of those that are near the plants themselves. People that observe yellow or orange plants typically become more empowered and those that see peach or pink may feel calm and melancholy. If you’re just growing some herbs for your kitchen this may not matter to you, but some people are sensitive to color and will want to consider this factor.

There are a lot of people wanting to cultivate their own gardens, with their own veggies and herbs; this means that container gardening will be more prevalent than ever. Not everyone has a large yard in which to plant a garden, nor time to deal with the responsibility. While a container garden does take some effort and attention, it’s a lot simpler to maintain than an ordinary garden.


Hardwood Floors Raleigh NC

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Hardwood floors, they’re truly iconic. They’re certainly some of the most attractive and universally stylish flooring materials you can get. They have a long history of being the go-to flooring option for almost any room. One great thing about hardwood that seems simple but you may not have thought about is how sustainable they are! Hardwood floors are beautifully simple, made of high quality hardwood and with a strong protective seal on it, they can take a lot of beatings over many years.

Image result for hardwood flooring installationFlooring Installation

Wood flooring is the most abundantly renewable flooring material available. The U.S. Forest Service states that the annual net growth for hardwoods is greater than the average annual removal rate, meaning trees are growing faster than they’re being used today. Wood floors also use less water and energy to produce and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle, making it an extremely sustainable product. Considering the differences in producing carpet vs. hardwood, carpet uses more synthetic materials to produce and is treated with more chemicals than hardwood. Also, hardwood not only brings beauty and value to a home, but it can truly last a lifetime while carpet needs to be replaced every 10-15 years.

Hardwood flooring has a number of benefits superior to those of other types of flooring. One big one is simple the fact that hardwood floors are extremely simple to clean and keep sanitary, while other types of flooring like carpet can really hold on to dust and debris for a long time, cleaning hardwood is as easy as a simple wipe. Probably the biggest benefit of hardwood is its unique and beautiful look. Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring materials there is, and it never goes out of style. Because of the large variety of trees and wood types, a world of colors, consistencies, designs, and grain patterns are available.

Hardwood Flooring

If you weren’t sure about hardwood floors before, hopefully we sold you! No other flooring material has near the history that hardwoods do, they stand alone when it comes to style and strength. Hardwood floors Raleigh NC are also a fantastic way to add some serious value to your home. Having hardwood floors installed is a huge selling point, if you’ve got nice ones that have been cared for well it can do great things for your home selling.